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Effective Parenting Tips for Migraine Sufferers

Migraines, sadly, can attack at the most inconvenient times for parents – when you are in the thick of household chores, in the middle of a parents-teachers meeting, and in the midst of birthday party preparations, for example. Juggling parenting responsibilities can be more difficult, to say the least, because the symptoms of migraine including the severe headache, nausea, and…read more →

Hanging In There with Hangover Headache

The human body has a strange relationship with alcohol. On one hand, an individual who consumes one too many alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and cocktails will experience little to no inhibitions (i.e., display signs of uninhibited or uncharacteristic behavior), thus, the manic behavior. On the other hand, said individual will also suffer from the aftereffects of too much consumption…read more →

Anti-headache Medicine Making Your Headaches Worse?

Anti-headache Medicine Making Your Headaches Worse? For many headache sufferers especially among Americans, the natural response to counteract a headache attack is to take one or two painkillers depending on the severity of the symptoms. When the pain comes back, then the next natural response is to take yet another dose of painkillers – and so the cycle continues. Unexpected…read more →

Massage Your Headaches Away

Massage Your Headaches Away Massage has several health benefits aside from the obvious benefit of physical relaxation. Massage is also effective for a wide range of health issues including but not limited to insomnia, anxiety and headaches as well as arthritis, lower back pain and sports injury recovery. Yes, we did say headaches – truly, good news for the millions…read more →

Preventing Migraines with Medications

Preventing Migraines with Medications Using over-the-counter and prescription medications to stop the excruciating pain associated with migraines is a common approach. But a new approach is slowly being adopted by doctors specializing in the treatment of headaches and migraines – using medications to prevent the onset of a migraine attack on the first place. In-direct Action on Migraines Most, if…read more →

Sinus Headaches and The Right Diagnosis

Sinus Headaches and The Right Diagnosis Because the symptoms of sinus headaches can mimic the signs of other types of headaches particularly tension headaches, many people will misdiagnose their health condition as anything but sinus headaches. This should not be mainly because each type of headache requires a different approach in treatment because of the differences in causes, symptoms and…read more →

Lifestyle Changes for Migraine Relief

Lifestyle Changes for Migraine Relief Individuals who suffer from migraines will find that almost every standard migraine treatment including triptan medications and alternative option like biofeedback do not work as well as expected when their triggers are not effectively managed. Prevention is, after all, better than the cure! Certain lifestyle changes must be made to get migraines under control. Just…read more →

Sex and Migraines: How To Deal With Sex Related Headaches

Sex and Migraines: How To Deal With Sex Related Headaches Migraines, a chronic illness affecting approximately 30 million individuals in the United States, can be such a bummer on intimacy between partners. This is not just about sexual intimacy although it may be the worst affected – think of the supposedly lame excuse, “Honey, I have a headache” for the…read more →

Headaches in Kids: What Parents Should Know

Headaches in Kids: What Parents Should Know Parents are understandably concerned when their children report frequent bursts of headaches and perhaps even migraines. These health conditions can adversely affect the quality of life among affected individuals but children arguably suffer more because of their lack of appropriate understanding about their symptoms, causes, and treatments. Parents must then take it upon…read more →

Stress and Headaches: How To Break The Cycle

Stress and Headaches: Breaking the Cycle Stress is part of everyday life and, in fact, everybody will benefits from healthy levels of stress mainly as a motivational tool and as a response to potentially dangerous situations. But when stress becomes chronic in frequency, severe in intensity, or prolonged in duration, then it puts the mind and body into faster wear…read more →

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