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Irwindale Headache Clinic

Headache Clinic in Irwindale, California

In the middle of Los Angeles County, there’s an Irwindale headache clinic to help residents of the city and nearby towns who are suffering from chronic and severe headache conditions such as migraines, tension headaches and other types of common and rare headache conditions. As a part of the Healthpointe group of clinics, Headache MD brings specialized medical care you won’t find in any multi-specialty clinic.

Irwindale is a great place to live. This small, under-populated city in the San Gabriel Valley has a lot to offer in terms of services and amenities available to its residents. There are public parks, libraries and recreation centers for seniors and teens. You can find anything you need in this small city, and with Headache MD’s presence in the city, you can also find relief from chronic and debilitating headaches.

Most types of headaches are manageable with the help of medication and a little bit of relaxation; however, there are some types that are recurring and debilitating, making it difficult to function when the pain sets in. If you’ve been experiencing these headache episodes all your life, you may have tried everything to, at the very least, manage the pain. However, when over-the-counter pain medications just won’t do the trick anymore, you need to get help. At our Irwindale headache clinic, we specialize in diagnosing and treating headaches. Our aim is not just to treat the symptoms of the condition, but find out what’s causing it and finding a more permanent solution to your headache problems. Unfortunately, there are some types of headaches that still cannot be cured, but with the patient’s cooperation, we can find ways to limit the severity of the headaches, and sometimes even avoid attacks from happening.

There is no cure-all solution for headaches. The key to managing the pain is to diagnose the headaches and find out what’s causing them. There are many types of headaches and each one has its own triggers. Headaches can also be due to an underlying illness or medical condition. By identifying what is causing or triggering a headache attack, it’s easier to find a solution. At our Irwindale headache clinic, our headache specialists will help you understand your headaches. Using the latest in medical technologies, we will help you get to the bottom of things and start you on the road to managing the headaches you experience.

Headaches are harmless most of the time, but they can be quite annoying and disruptive. While pain medications are part of the treatment process, they do not solve the underlying problem that triggers the headaches. If you’re experiencing chronic and debilitating headaches that don’t respond to medications or if you experience a new type of headache that doesn’t match your usual symptoms, it’s best to consult a headache specialist for proper diagnosis and a specialized treatment plan to help you with pain relief.

If you’re experiencing any type of headache pain, schedule an appointment with one of our headache specialists immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.


HeadacheMD is located at Healthpointe Medical Clinics, a multi-specialty healthcare organization located in Southern California. From headache care to orthopedic injuries, Healthpointe is here to treat all of your healthcare needs.

Irwindale Headache Clinic
5345 Irwindale Ave.
Irwindale, CA 91706
Phone: 714-367-5042

Irwindale Location and Directions

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