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Corona Headache Clinic

Headache Clinic in Corona, California

Headache MD’s Corona headache clinic aims to provide residents of the Circle City and other neighboring towns in Riverside County with excellent service and efficient headache treatment plans. If you live in Corona, you may have had to make the drive to other cities in order to find relief from chronic migraines and other types of headaches, but not anymore. Healthpointe, our parent company, is committed to bringing high-quality healthcare and headache relief to residents of Corona and other cities in Southern California.

Corona, California is a culturally diverse city with a growing population. It’s numerous parks and sports facilities make it a great place to live and raise a family. Its close proximity to major highways and freeways, as well as the Metrolink commuter railway also makes it perfect for those who work in other cities, but still want to live in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. It’s easy to get used to the daily commute; however, getting used to headaches is another thing. With a Headache MD clinic nearby, you no longer have to live with the pain. We can help you do something about it.

Headaches are no laughing matter. If you’ve experienced chronic or severe pain caused by migraines or other types of headaches, then you know just how serious and debilitating a headache episode can be. Treating the symptoms with over-the-counter pain medication is just a temporary fix. You need to find the root cause of the headache in order to get proper treatment. Our Corona headache clinic is here to do just that. Our team of headache specialists, with the help of advanced medical technologies can help you understand why you’re experiencing pain and put you on a treatment program to manage your headaches or to keep recurring headaches at bay.

Headache MD can help you no matter what type of headache you have. We specialize not only in common headache types such as migraines and tension headaches; we also focus on other forms of primary or secondary types of headaches. Primary headaches are usually those caused by stress, over-exertion, dehydration, and other unknown problems that cause blood vessels in the brain to constrict or dilate, while secondary headaches are usually symptoms of an underlying illness or condition that may or may not require immediate medical attention. Whatever type of headache you are experiencing, you can come to our Corona headache clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Headache MD, like our parent company Healthpointe, is proud to provide its patients with high-quality healthcare and excellent service. We employ only the best doctors, nurses and other medical staff to give you the care and attention you deserve. If you’re experiencing severe and chronic headaches, you don’t have to go on with your life living with the pain. Contact us to schedule a consultation so that we can help you manage your headaches with a treatment plan that’s right for you and the type of headache you have.

If you’re experiencing any type of headache pain, schedule an appointment with one of our headache specialists immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.


HeadacheMD is located at Healthpointe Medical Clinics, a multi-specialty healthcare organization located in Southern California. From headache care to orthopedic injuries, Healthpointe is here to treat all of your healthcare needs.

Corona Headache Clinic
1171 Railroad St.
Corona, CA 92882
Phone: 714-367-5042

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