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Garden Grove Headache Clinic

Headache Clinic in Garden Grove, California

With Headache MD’s Garden Grove headache clinic, residents of Garden Grove, California no longer have to live with painful and chronic headaches.

The city of Garden Grove is famous for its annual Strawberry Festival that happens over the Memorial Day weekend. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Garden Grove every year to join in the fun and festivities. It would be a shame if you have to miss the celebration because you have a headache. Headache MD is here to help you treat and manage the pain caused by chronic headache conditions so that you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures without worrying about headaches.

Headache MD’s goal is to help patients find the cause of the headaches and not just treat the symptoms as they come. By treating the cause of the pain, patients can live a relatively pain-free life. While there is no cure for certain types of headaches, knowing what type of headache you have or exactly what causes the pain can help you manage your headaches better. With Headache MD’s expertise in finding the cause of a patient’s headaches, we can help put you on the correct treatment plan to effectively prevent or manage your headaches.

When headaches are severe or recurring, taking pain medications available over the counter at pharmacies and drug stores may not be enough to manage the pain. At our Garden Grove headache clinic, our headache specialists, together with the latest in medical technologies, will help find the root cause of the headaches, help you track your headache triggers and treat the pain with medication as necessary. At any given time, a person can suffer from one or a combination of a variety of primary and secondary headache types. As each headache type has a different cause or trigger, each patient goes through a different treatment path to effectively and efficiently manage the pain and discomfort caused by headaches and their underlying conditions.

At our Garden Grove headache clinic, you can be sure that you’re getting the best care. Whatever type of headache you have, we can help find what other multi-specialty clinics may have missed. We specialize in diagnosing, treating various types of common headaches, as well as rare forms of headaches that may or may not be caused by an underlying condition. While some types of headache conditions have unknown causes, most of them are treatable, if not avoidable. With the help of modern medicine, along with the patient’s cooperation, living with headaches may just be a thing of the past.

Chronic and severe headache attacks shouldn’t dictate what you can and cannot do. We can help you get your life back from the headaches that are holding you back. Our headache specialists and dedicated staff of medical professionals are here to help you get through the pain and find a solution for your headache worries.

If you’re experiencing any type of headache pain, schedule an appointment with one of our headache specialists immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.


HeadacheMD is located at Healthpointe Medical Clinics, a multi-specialty healthcare organization located in Southern California. From headache care to orthopedic injuries, Healthpointe is here to treat all of your healthcare needs.

Garden Grove Headache Clinic
7052 Orangewood Ave. Suite 5
Garden Grove, CA 92841
Phone: 714-367-5042

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