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Our Approach to Headaches, Causes and Headache Treatment

We, at Headache MD, believe that headaches and headache symptoms have a physiological background. Our headache specialists are trained to deal specifically with headache sufferers and, over the years, have found that anything from food allergies, sinusitis, dental problems, hormonal irregularity, cardiac problems, uterine issues, orthopedic problems, and to any other irregularity, structurally or chemically, can cause headaches. At Headache MD, we understand and do our best to identify the cause of your particular headache situation.

Finding the Cause of the Headaches

People experience many types of headaches and sometimes the hardest part is trying to find what is causing them. A simple conversation between our doctors and patients can reveal a lot about the cause of the headaches, but before making a diagnosis, our doctors may have to perform various tests such as MRIs, CAT scans, 2D echo cardiograms or lab tests in order to rule out various problems and life threatening conditions such as tumors or aneurysms. More often than not, these serious health issues have been ruled out by your primary care physician even before you arrive at our facilities; however, if new or different headache symptoms occur, we will take immediate action to protect your health.

Treating the Cause and the Symptoms

Medication is the typical route to treat headaches and pain. This may relieve the symptoms, but most of the time it only covers up the problem. Often, side effects of medication as well as over-medicating can be the source of the headache. At Headache MD, we do our best to treat the actual cause while treating the symptoms with medication.

With every consultation, we look at every aspect of your problems. We will provide you with a very detailed medical history and complete evaluation from head to toe. As part of the discovery process, we provide headache tracking charts and food charts. Our treatment programs include every major specialty of medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition to effectively treat the cause of your headache problem.

Finding Some Resolution

Our ultimate goal is to help you become and remain headache free in the most efficient way possible. Part of what makes our treatment plans successful is the patient’s cooperation. Patients may be required to give up food items that have been identified as headache triggers. This is not always easy as some of these food items may be a regular part of people’s diets, but it is imperative to avoid these headache triggers to ensure that your headaches remain under control.

In most cases, we are able to determine the source of the problem within 8 weeks depending on how often you come to see us. We want your headaches under control or completely eliminated, which is why, once the cause is determined; we will start you on a course of care to control or eliminate that problem. Approximately 80% of the cases we see are typical and can be helped in a short time frame. There are some very difficult cases that take longer to diagnose as there are some obscure issues that take longer to discover. The key is not to give up!

At Headache MD, we value each and every one of our patients, which is why we do our best to get to the bottom of the problem and treat it as quickly and efficient as possible.

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