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The Headache Blog

Headaches and Depression: How are they Related?

It has been said that there is a solid link between depression and headaches. However, scientists are still quite unsure whether the pain of having chronic and severe headaches causes the depression or whether depression manifests itself through physical symptoms such as constant and very painful headaches. The link is evident in the number of people that are dealing with…read more →

Cluster Headache Triggers: Knowing What to Avoid

Tagged as a condition that affects young people between the ages of 20-40, cluster headaches are known to affect men more than women. But the number of women being diagnosed with this type of headache is on the rise as well. Those who have been diagnosed would know that there are no absolute cures for such headache and managing the…read more →

The Connection between Caffeine and Headaches or Caffeine Headaches

It’s not unusual for people to get caffeine-withdrawal headaches or a Caffeine Headache when they don’t get their coffee or tea in the morning. There are many possible reasons why a person suffers from headaches, but one of the most common causes is caffeine withdrawal. While it’s quite normal to experience a pounding headache when we rush off to work…read more →