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What Hangover Headache Cure Works Best?

What Hangover Headache Cure Works Best?

Keep in mind that each individual suffering from the effects of a drinking binge the morning after will have his or her go-to hangover headache cure. Other individuals may or may not agree with said cure but the bottom line is that if it works for the person, then it works!

Let Your Body Rest

Go to sleep! At this point, your best hangover headache cure is to let your brain and body rest and, thus, allow both to recover from the effects of alcohol. You will also certainly be unable to feel the throbbing headache of your alcoholic excess.

Just be sure to sleep in an environment conducive to sleep. Keep the curtains closed to shut out the sunlight and keep the lights off, too. Keep the room temperature at just the right degree – not too warm, not too cold.

And take a cold shower followed by a hot one before going to sleep. You will feel refreshed for it, too.

Rehydrate Your Body

But before you sleep, you should also adopt yet another effective remedy for hangover headaches–rehydrate your body. Avoid using alcohol for this purpose because it is the source of your troubles in the first place, not to mention that it can dehydrate your body.

  • Water. Hot or cold, it will not really matter for as long as you drink plenty of water during the day. Your body in general and your kidneys and liver in particular will be able to quickly flush out the toxins from alcohol when water is present in abundant quantities in your system.
  • Fruit or vegetable juices. Get your juicer, cut up fruits and vegetables, and make a delicious, refreshing and rehydrating mixture. You are basically feeding your body vitamins and minerals, thus, enabling it to process the alcohol better. Plus, you will feel less hungry with the fruit-vegetable juice and you can go to sleep better.
  • Coconut water or sports drink. This is a hangover headache cure with proven efficacy. Both of these drinks have high contents of electrolytes that when consumed aplenty can rehydrate the body faster, too.

Avoid Coffee

Many individuals will drink a cup of strong black coffee as a remedy for hangover headaches and swear by it, too. But when you come to think about it, coffee is a diuretic so instead of rehydrating your body, it can add to the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

This is also true for painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Many will also swear by these medicines as a hangover headache cure but you will soon regret it if you follow the advice.

Classic Hangover Cures

Drink the following concoctions to replenish fluids and nutrients in your body:

  • Bloody Mary (Tomatoes and celery are good for you)
  • Virgin Maria or Bloody Maria
  • Hair of the Dog (The gin and hot sauce should kick your hangover)

Drink Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer has also been proven effective by many individuals. This is certainly worth a try but do not overdo it either.

Which hangover headache cure is the best? Please rate and tell us which hangover cure worked best for you!