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The Link between Stress and Headaches

Stress is something we have to deal with on a daily basis. We all deal with stress differently, but from time to time the pressure can be a little bit overwhelming. For some people, the stress and pressure felt manifests itself in the form of a headache. If you’ve ever experienced a dull pain at the base of your skull accompanied by…read more →

The Relationship between Sleep and Headaches

Sleep and headaches are two parts of a vicious cycle of pain. Doctors and headache experts have stated that lack of sleep may contribute to the occurrence of headaches and headaches have been known to disrupt sleep. If a person continuously experience sleep deprivation, the frequency of headaches will increase and the cycle continues. There are several headache types that…read more →

Obesity and Smoking: Are They Linked to Migraines in Teens?

Previous studies done in the past have shown that lifestyle choices made by adults can affect the frequency, duration, and severity of chronic headache conditions such as migraines. While migraines are usually an inherited trait, it has been proven in the past that smoking and obesity can exaggerate the symptoms making the experience of chronic headaches worse for smokers and…read more →

Precision Tinted Glasses: Can it Really Relieve Migraines?

In the quest to find a drug-free way to deal with migraines, scientists and researchers have come up with something that claims to be helpful in relieving chronic and painful headaches. There are so many known migraine triggers that it’s implausible to find a way to deal with all of them. This is why scientists decided to concentrate on one…read more →

5 Relaxation Techniques for Headache Prevention

Stress is a major factor when it comes to headaches. Most of the time, the headaches we experience are triggered by physical, emotional or mental stress. If you’re the type who suffers from chronic stress-type headaches, avoiding these painful episodes is easier than you think. In this fast paced, highly competitive world, rest and relaxation is a luxury not everyone…read more →

Migraines and Depression Among Women: Is There a Link?

Migraines are quite a common condition. In fact, one out of ten Americans suffer from this chronic and sometimes debilitating condition. In a 14-year study done on women who experience or have experienced migraines in the past, it shows that there is actually a link between migraines and depression in women. The results of this research, which was released in…read more →

Migraines: Are Soldiers More at Risk?

As if fighting a war overseas in order to protect our country and its people is not enough, a lot of soldiers have to deal with the chronic and sometimes debilitating pain caused by migraines. As a result, many of our servicemen and women have been evacuated from combat due to persistent and severe pain that can put their lives…read more →

Could Painkillers be Causing Your Headache?

People who suffer from chronic or severe headaches always make sure that there’s an ample supply of over-the-counter pain medications in their medicine cabinets. Taking an aspirin or two to relieve the pain has become second nature to those who experience the pain of headaches regularly. Little do they know that the same thing that provides them relief time and…read more →

Do Migraines Cause Damage to the Brain?

Migraines affect millions of people all over the world. While this condition affects women more than any other demographic, it does not discriminate. Men and children have also been known to experience this chronic and sometimes debilitating condition. With migraines come painful headaches, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Contrary to popular belief that a migraine is just a…read more →

Dealing with Headaches in Children

It may be hard to believe, but instances of headaches are quite common in children and these instances increase as the child gets older. While statistics shows the number of children who experience occasional headache to be quite high, it’s usually nothing to be worried about. Most of the time, these headaches are symptoms of the common cold or the…read more →

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