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Headaches and Chemotherapy: Causes and Cures

According to the American Cancer Society, chemotherapy damages the body’s healthy cells while also killing cancer cells.  Such onslaught from drugs results in damage to the body’s systems that, in turn, triggers side effects including headaches.     Many causes for the headaches can be identified but there are also as many cures for the pain.  Just be sure to talk with…read more →

When Headaches Are a Sign of a Brain Tumor

When chronic headaches become worse in frequency, severity and duration, it is just natural to wonder whether these are a sign of brain tumor.  While headaches can be a telling symptom of a brain tumor, it must be emphasized that jumping to conclusions will not do anybody good. Keep in mind that brain tumors are still uncommon while headaches are…read more →

When Headaches Become Emergencies During Pregnancy

For the lucky few, pregnancy stops migraine attacks although scientists have yet to know why.  But in most cases, headaches during pregnancy can be a warning sign of serious health problems that can affect both the mother’s and her baby’s life. Like Most People Headaches including migraines occur during pregnancy for the same causes/reasons these occur in most people.  The…read more →

Link Between Vision and Headache

Sometimes, a headache affects vision such as seeing double or seeing blurry images only.  Sometimes, it can cause pain in and around eyes although the headache has no relation to vision issues.  Sometimes, it can be a sign of vision changes that necessitate a professional eye examination. Headaches Causing Eye Issues When you have a headache, your eyes may be…read more →

Triumphing Over the Stigma of Migraines

Migraines are neither infectious nor contagious diseases that can be passed from one person to the next by sharing breathing space, much less by physical contact like sex.  But many migraine sufferers experience feelings of shame or experience stigma from their health issue from many sources including their family, friends and co-workers, even from their healthcare providers.  Fortunately, such sense…read more →

When Sleep Abnormalities Worsen Migraines and Vice Versa

In many cases, insufficient sleep can trigger a migraine attack so individuals suffering from the health issue exert the necessary effort to get the recommended amount of sleep. Experts suggest 6 hours at least and 8 hours at most of restful sleep at night – too little and too much can become the precursor for migraine that even a few…read more →

Connecting the Dots Between a Pinched Nerve and Pain in the Head

Many individuals with chronic headaches will attribute their symptoms to more common triggers like food, stress and stimuli, thus, their tendency for self-diagnosis and self-medication.  But consultations with a qualified physician are a must for these individuals because their pain in the head may be caused by a pinched nerve in their upper spine that, in turn, requires the appropriate…read more →

The Dangers of Cephalalgiaphobia

Did you know that many individuals have an irrational yet extreme fear of having a headache?  The health issue is known as cephalalgiaphobia in medical circles – truly, a mouthful to say and a handful to treat for both the patient and the physician. Cycle of Addiction  Like all phobias, cephalalgiaphobia is a psychiatric condition characterized by an intense fear…read more →

Clap of Thunder: When a Headache Requires an ER Visit

Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) – the medical term is as scary as it sounds judging from the term hemorrhage alone. There is indeed reason to be scared because it is a life-threatening medical condition often preceded by a “clap of thunder” headache that most individuals will dismiss as nothing more than a sudden and severe headache. This is certainly one that…read more →

Boosting Your Body’s Defenses Against Chronic Pain

In the United States, the abuse of painkillers is a growing problem mainly because of the “every pain has its pill” mentality. Many individuals who suffer from chronic pain are more likely to pop a pill – or perhaps two for good measure – than to analyze the habits that feed their pain, so to speak. All of these habits,…read more →

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