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ABC of Reflexology for Headaches

Headaches affect the quality of life for afflicted individuals for obvious reasons – the pain on the head, forehead and even the face can range from mild to severe so much so that playing, working and doing anything are out of the question. Fortunately, many alternative treatments are available with reflexology for headaches as one of the most effective options.

Reflexology as a Practice

Also known as zone therapy, reflexology is a type of alternative medicine wherein pressure is applied on specific areas of the feet, hands and ears for treatment of various illnesses and even injuries on other parts of the body including the internal organs. Usually, the thumbs, fingers and sometimes the palms are used to apply pressure while tools like rollers, clamps and probes are used to improve on the results.

Unlike acupuncture and massage, however, no oil, lotion and other lubricants as well as needles are used for reflexology. The practitioner will only focus on applying pressure to points on the feet, hands and ears, which corresponds to certain internal organs. In a way, reflexology and acupuncture share several characteristics.

Reflexology for Cephalalgia

Unlike acupuncture, however, reflexology for headaches can be done on a do-it-yourself basis. Why wait for a reflexology practitioner to do the job when you can enjoy relief by applying pressure on certain points. Here’s how.

  • Apply pressure on the head/brain reflexes, which are located on the top of each finger and thumb including their nail beds. Just apply pressure and gently massage these points for as long as you are comfortable doing it or until your headache subsides.
  • Using your thumb or index finger, whichever is the most comfortable to use, pinch the base of each thumb or big toe. This is where the neck reflex is located, which should then relax the muscles, relieve stress, and alleviate your headache. Keep in mind that headaches can also affect the neck muscles, thus, many of the recommended steps of reflexology for headaches involve the neck reflex.
  • Using finger walking techniques, apply pressure on the medial side of either the thumb or big toe. This will ease pressure on your cervical spine.
  • Using your thumb, do the finger walking technique from the inner side of the big toe then to the bones of the instep and ending at the heel. Repeat the process but do it in reverse. You can do the cycle once to relieve your headache or twice as part of a comprehensive treatment. This also targets the spinal reflex points.

Of course, as a DIY method, reflexology for headaches will require patience, perseverance and practice to enjoy its benefits. You may also ask a professional practitioner to perform a comprehensive program designed to considerably lessen the severity, duration and frequency of your headaches.

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