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6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Headache

Headaches can be caused by a lot of different factors and sometimes we just don’t know when they’re going to strike. Different headache types cause different types of pain and agony; however, one thing they all have in common is the ability to interfere with a person’s life and daily routines. People who have recurrent, chronic headaches are accustomed to going to over-the-counter medications to get relief, but it is possible that overmedicating can cause headaches rather than relieve or prevent them. This is why people who experience regular headaches can try these natural options in getting rid of or preventing a headache.

  1. Eat regularly and properly. Headaches are a known symptom of hunger. If we eat on time, we prevent hunger headaches from happening. A proper diet with the right amount of essential vitamins and nutrients can also prevent headaches from occurring. Avoid processed foods which may contain chemicals that can trigger a headache.
  2. Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Alcohol and caffeine are known diuretics which can lead to dehydration, which in turn can cause headaches. People don’t have to avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, chocolates and other food and drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine, but limiting them can reduce the chance of dehydration. Also, too much alcohol consumption can cause hangover headaches and developing a high caffeine tolerance can lead to caffeine withdrawal headaches when a person skips his or her morning coffee.
  3. Drink water, lots of it. Water is essentially good for one’s overall health and being able to replace lost fluids and electrolytes can prevent dehydration and dehydration headaches. When a person engages in strenuous physical activities or is taking food or drinks that are known diuretics, the person’s water intake should also be increased accordingly.
  4. Consume more Omega 3 rich food. Studies have shown that these essential fatty acids that naturally occur in certain plant seeds and marine life can reduce the occurrence of certain types of headaches. Adding a little bit more fish to one’s diet and replacing vegetable oil with flaxseed oil when cooking can help reduce headache attacks.
  5. Don’t underestimate the healing power of the lemon. Lemons are a great source of vitamins, but not only that, they can also help manage or in some cases, totally get rid of a headache. It can be used internally by squeezing lemons and mixing them with water. Ginger roots that are freshly grated can also be added to the unique headache tonic. Externally, the scent of the lemon peel can help clear the mind. People can rub lemon juice or just rub the lemon peel on their temples to help soothe the pain.
  6. Make a cinnamon ointment. An old eastern headache remedy, adding water to cinnamon and mixing them until you have a paste-like consistency and applying them to the temples can help soothe headaches.

These natural remedies are good alternatives to pharmacy-bought medication. They are easy to follow and the things you need are easy to find. While many people have attested that these methods work, it’s still best to consult a headache specialist for headache treatment.

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