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Hunger Headaches

For everything we do to our bodies, be it good or bad, there are ramifications.  When we supply our body with the correct nutritional needs, along with a balance of proper vitamins and minerals then we are rewarded with a fully equipped, optimal operating machine.  When we neglect to eat right or we allow our body to become dehydrated, then there are adverse consequences in store.  Hunger headaches are one of these negativities.  For those who aren’t familiar with these headaches, we will provide you with some competent and cohesive information that will enlighten you and allow you to learn how to avoid these horrific maladies.

What are Hunger Headaches?

The headache is a common malady, and there isn’t one who has gone and never encountered at least one in one form or another.  Yet, while it is quite common, the more severe forms of headaches can come on quite suddenly and can actually last days.  Hunger headaches are one of these types.  These occur not from a lack of nourishment, but from what happens to the body because of the lack of food coming into it.  When you don’t eat properly your glucose levels drop dangerously low.   You also have a buildup of muscle tension, and a rebound dilatation of the blood vessels.   For those who suffer with hypoglycemia, these headaches occur more often than not.   When you go for hours without eating, or even days, your body actually turns to its storages to try and find adequate nutrition.  Even then, hunger headaches are not avoided.

Hunger headaches can even be brought on if you’re a big time coffee drinker and you’re suddenly trying to cut back on your caffeine intake.  You’ve probably been told more than once to wean yourself from your coffee habit, but to not just stop cold turkey.   A gradual decrease in coffee consumption will help your body become naturally accustomed to the limits without throwing you into one of those painful hunger headaches.

High Carbohydrate Intake and Hunger Headaches

When you consume foods that are high in sugar and starches you’re setting the stage for a hunger headache.  Your body’s glucose level rises dramatically from foods such as these, but when you crash, you crash hard and this rapid drop in glucose brings on these headaches.  You can avoid them altogether by simply monitoring your carbohydrate intake.  Never take in large amounts of carbs in one sitting because you cause your blood sugar levels to rise to high.  The rapid rising and falling wreaks havoc on the body’s normal functioning.

Combatting Hunger Headaches

This literature has already pointed out some causes of hunger headaches, and it has also pointed out some of the remedies to try and curtail them, or prevent them from occurring altogether.  Still, there is yet another way that you can aid your body and remove the threat of ever having to deal with these forms of headaches ever again, or at least very rarely deal with them.  If you increase the amount of protein in your diet you will see a huge difference in how efficiently you combat hunger headaches and even issues of stress, anxiety, and tension; all of which can have a role in bringing on this type of headache.  Lean types of protein absorb much slower in the digestive system, prolonging the body’s ability to maintain optimal functioning, and providing all the nutrients necessary for healthy muscle.

Medical Treatments for Hunger Headaches

The overuse of some pain medications for headaches such as these can end up on the wrong end, somewhere you would rather it not be.  That is because of the dependency on some of these medications the body goes through a rebound affect, and when the headache returns it is far worse than the original one.  There really is no magic pill to these headaches and most medical professionals encourage proper nutrition, adequate rest, and minimizing stress as the alternative methods to reducing the possibilities of these painful occurrences.

For instance, doctors and dieticians recommend a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, not those that are all sugary goo.  They also advise taking in the adequate amounts of good protein, and to eat at least four small meals a day versus eating two large ones.  Spreading out your nutrition throughout the day benefits the body in that it keeps it fully stocked up on all the nutritionally rich requirements it needs, naturally warding off this headache in particular.  By changing multiple things in your lifestyle, you can safeguard your health much more efficiently, specifically with regard to the pain of headaches.

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